About us

Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs of all backgrounds with clear pathways to business ownership

Breaking down the traditional barriers in M&A

Building technology to democratize access to business ownership

You don't need an MBA from a Top 20 business school to be able to buy, own and operate a successful small business. We're opening up this industry to more diverse buyers, investors and owners with the help of technology.

Meet the founders

We started off looking to buy a main street business with strong cash flows. Coming from tech, finance, and marketing backgrounds, we found the M&A process to be low-tech, siloed, and complicated. So, we decided to shift gears and use our entrepreneurial skills to build the support system we wish existed when we started out.

Mission-Driven Builders

Removing barriers to drive equity and efficiency

We believe that having connections within the M&A industry does not need to be a prerequisite for people to buy a successful small business. 

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diversity in M&A

Our Values

Our every move is governed by these four values. They keep us focused and grounded, heading in the right direction. 

Do Good

We are here to make a positive difference in the communities we engage with. Every choice we make is governed by a desire to do good for others, not just for ourselves or profits.


Bringing in people from diverse backgrounds both in the small business acquisition space and in our team is not only the best thing to do for the world, but also creates a stronger, more vibrant and more successful company.

Less Friction

Any time we build something new is to break down a barrier, reduce a step and make things easier, both internally, as a team, and externally, for our customers, partners and users.

Personal Leadership

We trust the people we hire to do their best work, and put them in a position to succeed, working the way they want to work, cutting the red-tape. Everyone is here thanks to their passion for small businesses.

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