Private Market Labs Opens New Pathway for Small Businesses Buying and Selling in 2024

Thesis-driven platform provides access to the industry’s largest universe of deals and intermediaries, allowing smarter, faster M&A decisions in real-time

AUSTIN, TX (January 10, 2024) Economic conditions are converging to make 2024 the best year yet to buy a small business: professionals are looking for flexibility and ownership; business owners are retiring in growing numbers; and new rule changes from the Small Business Administration will make it easier than ever to creatively finance a small business acquisition. Technology is also making this opportunity more accessible. In particular, Private Market Labs, the AI platform providing the most efficient method for acquiring small businesses, stands out for its work facilitating M&A transactions. As 2024 kicks off, Private Market Labs new service makes the ability to successfully acquire a small business much easier. 

Unlike traditional methods, the Private Market Labs platform removes the barriers when it comes to accessing deal flow, capital, and expertise, all within its technologically-enhanced M&A marketplace. 

“Private Market Labs is built on the premise that technology can help facilitate a larger, more accessible, and more inclusive marketplace for small business acquisitions. We work directly with buyers, intermediaries, capital providers, and service providers to help our industry’s fragmented participants find each other more efficiently,” said Josh Levine, CEO and co-founder of Private Market Labs.” “What also makes us stand out, is that we create connections based on investment thesis, rather than personal networks. This expands the pool of potential acquisitions and helps more diverse entrepreneurs and investors access the opportunity of small business ownership.”  

Private Market Labs was created when co-founders Josh Levine and Titus Capilnean sought to buy a Main Street business with solid cash flows. Coming from tech and finance backgrounds, they found the M&A process low-tech, siloed, and complicated. Seeing an opportunity, they shifted gears and used their entrepreneurial skills to build the support system they wished existed when they started. 

Private Market Labs connects a broad audience of people looking to invest in small businesses with a network of brokers. Buyers’ subscriptions are only $49 / month, making the M&A process accessible to anyone. The platform presents an extensive, clean, and streamlined view of the small business acquisition universe, sourcing data through sell-side partnerships, intermediary data connections, and feeds from thousands of websites, on a regular basis. Its process ensures every piece of information is accurately captured and ready to use, laying the groundwork for its extensive database of over 75,000 active deals and 25,000 brokers. 

One of the most significant issues people face when searching for a business to acquire is finding the exact subset of businesses for sale that match their criteria. This is made complicated by legacy tools which utilize simple filters and NAICS codes to help users find deal flow. These are imprecise tools and can lead to inefficient outcomes and missed connections. Private Market Lab’s use of AI helps its thesis-driven platform understand the buyer intent better. 

“The platform is really helpful for my search – I’m amazed at how it gets better on such a regular basis. It’s great to have a tech disruptor in our space,” said John O. 

For example, the company has provided matches for criteria as specific as “packaging and distribution companies for exotic spices with more than $500,000 of EBITDA” and as broad as “industry agnostic, but no restaurants, and the business must be in Dallas.” Whether the search is broad or highly specific, it uses natural language processing to help deliver results in every scenario. 

Private Market Labs offers end-to-end services for the entire business acquisition journey. 

  • SEARCH: Matching deals and sell-side advisors that meet a precise investment thesis
  • FINANCE: Access to capital providers with search strategy experience, including lenders and equity investors.
  • DUE DILIGENCE: Connect Pre-LOI, LOI and due diligence service providers to set up a successful acquisition.

“In the coming years, we will continue to develop Private Market Labs as a leading force in its field, known for innovation, societal impact, and a commitment to bridging gaps in access and opportunity. We’ll innovate to leverage the latest technology to empower professionals to start their new career paths as small business owners through acquisitions,” adds Titus.

About Private Market Labs

Headquartered in Austin, TX, Private Market Labs was founded by Josh Levine and Titus Caplinean with a vision to provide entrepreneurs of all backgrounds with clear pathways to business ownership. Using their experience in technology, finance, and marketing, they have developed a platform that uniquely matches business buyers with sellers through advanced, thesis-driven AI technology. The result has been the formation of the largest platform for smarter, faster, and affordable M&A transactions in the marketplace. For more information visit the website.