Titus Capilnean

Co-Founder / Chief Product Officer

Titus is an ex-searcher, seasoned marketer, and technologist with experience in fintech, artificial intelligence, identity, blockchain, and AI training data. He has held leadership positions at the intersection of marketing and product in several startups that have raised Seed and Series A rounds, as well as at publicly traded companies.

Titus is passionate about improving people’s lives with responsible use of technology, having coordinated two AI books, several papers with the World Economic Forum and a decentralized identity paper. His work has been featured in The New York Times, Fortune, VentureBeat, TechCrunch, Forbes, CoinDesk and Adweek.

Titus holds a certificate of Machine Learning from Andrew Ng’s course and an Executive MBA from Hult International Business School. Outside of work, he enjoys traveling and snowboarding, as well as giving back through mentorship programs. He lived and worked in Bucharest, London, San Francisco before moving to Austin in 2021. In furthering his love of travel and exploring new cultures, Titus spent a year as a full time digital nomad traveling through South America with his wife. 

He now lives and works in Denver, Colorado.