Infographic: Small Business M&A Market Overview – Q1 2024

One of our goals for 2024 is to capitalize on our existing advantages to augment the value we’re providing to the small business M&A community. As a data company, one clear opportunity for us to provide value lies in sharing data-driven insights about the shape of our industry. Therefore, we’re thrilled to be sharing our first Private Market Labs data snapshot, designed to uncover useful trends in the evolving M&A market, and make full use of our rich data capabilities and analytics. Our goal is to arm buyers, sellers, and advisors with essential facts about the market to help them make informed decisions. As we continue to collect and compare new data, expect to see additional reports that will further illuminate different aspects of the ecosystem.

Trends in the M&A market come in various forms—some are fleeting, while others have the staying power that can shape the sector for years. Certain trends are apparent through basic analysis; others require a deep dive into data or conversations with a broad spectrum of industry experts to unearth. This is where our expertise and resources come into play. Sifting through the data and engaging with industry experts to deliver informed insights is what we do best.

Our first Private Market Labs infographic focuses on trends we’re seeing in listing data across our best-in-class dataset of businesses for sale. 

Small Business M&A Market Overview – Q1 2024

Key Trends at a Glance

  • What are the dominant industries?

We’ve identified Food & Grocery, Restaurants, and Retail as the sectors with the largest numbers of on-market listings. 

  • Are there any geographical hotspots?

Our state-by-state analysis pinpoints Florida and Texas as leaders in deal frequency.

  • How should searchers manage scarcity? 

Given the preponderance of small deals on the market, buyers looking for larger opportunities may be forced to compromise in other areas. 

  • What financial insights can we draw?

We examine pricing and revenue across different states, creating benchmarks for assessing market value and prospects.

Check the infographic for a full picture. And stay tuned, stay informed!

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