Turkey Day Turnaround: Transforming Holiday Stress into Success with Private Market Labs

While Thanksgiving  is synonymous with family, friends, good food, and football, conversations with old acquaintances and around the dinner table also bring unique challenges for many young professionals. Juggling career aspirations and dealing with last-minute workloads can turn “going home for Thanksgiving” into a season of stress rather than celebration.

For those grappling with professional dissatisfaction during this time, you’re not alone. Insights from our sell-side partners show a surge in inquiries about mergers, acquisitions, and business opportunities during the holiday breaks – a clear sign that many people are looking for a change or new challenge in their professional development. 

At Private Market Labs, we’re here to help. We’re announcing our first ever holiday discount so that you can spend your time looking for your next acquisition more efficiently, hopefully in between bites of mashed potatoes. From Friday, November 17 through Sunday, November 26th, new users can get 20% off a subscription to Private Market Labs using our promo code: THANKSGIVING2023.

Our platform specializes in precisely connecting ambitious professionals with small business investment opportunities that align with their acquisition goals and search strategies. This is more than just a service; it’s a pathway to transform holiday stress into career success. By focusing your efforts, you can send fewer but more targeted emails, and lay the groundwork for acquiring a business in early 2024.

There’s no better time to start than the present. Next year, imagine sitting at the Thanksgiving table, not just as a guest, but as a proud new small business owner. Say goodbye to the anxiety and welcome a new chapter in your career. Remember, the best time to start is now. Don’t ditch the pie, ditch the stress..

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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